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Below is the list of some projects I am currently leading and working along side my collaborators.

 I am also involved with colleagues  as Co-Investigators in other projects on cattle and sheep health and welfare. 

 Research Projects

We have been working with Industry partner Intel and have developed methods and tools for automatic classification of lameness as well as other activities using wearable sensors. We are using these tools to understand behaviour of lame and non lame sheep . Funded by BBSRC, Innovate UK.

Get in touch if you will like to discuss potential projects or  like to find out more about our current research

Funders and Industry Partners

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Lameness in sheep- automatic detection 

Y-Ware Youngstock health and Welfare

The Y-Ware project partnership is developing an IoT (Internet of Things) based data collection solution, with sensors specifically developed for young-stock (14 weeks) and a Decision Dashboard backed up by comprehensive data analytics, driven by Vet science-informed algorithms, allowing Farmers, Vets, Retailers (and ultimately the consumer), with accurate Animal Health and Welfare assessments to reduce and eliminate the cause of the current losses.