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Thanks for your interest in my research. Get in touch with for any questions or comments regarding our work and publications. We’d love to hear from you.

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Drone Takeoff

Precision Livestock Farming

I am working with industry to develop and test various novel technological innovations for precision livestock. These technologies (e.g. sensors) help us to monitor animal health and welfare continuously and allow for a real-time monitoring and managing system for farmers.  See our projects


Data Analytics and Predictive Modelling for Animal health and welfare

In an effort to further advance our understanding of animal health and welfare, in projects we use data collected on farms via technologies (sensors) or other sources (such as abattoir, farmer, vet) and build predictive models. We are using advanced data analytics including machine learning techniques etc. to develop algorithms / models for animal health and welfare. See our projects

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Sheep in Meadow

Decision making of stakeholders

I am very interested in decision making aspects of farmers, vets and consumers/citizens on various aspects related to farming, animal health and welfare.  I use various multidisciplinary approaches (from sociology, psychology and consumer science, economics)  to data gathering and analysis. See our projects.

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Welcome to the my webpage 

Overview of my research

The main goal of my research is to improve animal health and welfare on farms. To achieve this I combine understanding of disease biology, epidemiology, animal behaviour with use of innovative technologies, data analytics and predictive modelling in my studies. I also use tools from social science and psychology to understand decision making of stakeholders in this domain.

Learn more about my research and areas of study below. 

I am part of Ruminant Population Health Research group and based at School of Veterinary Medicine and Science, University of Nottingham.

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